2017UTE环球旅游展览会秋季参展商-走起南亚Wonderview (广州阳光假日国际旅行社)

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Guangzhou Sunshine Holiday international Travel Service CO.LTD



Guangzhou Sunshine Holiday international travel service CO.LTD was founded in 2001, is approved by the Guangzhou tourism administration. The Guangzhou bureau of industry and commerce registration of an international business and cultural communication service enterprises, through the China national tourism administration approval allows the inbound tourism business, outbound tourism business and domestic tourism business international travel company. The accomplishments in the industry for more than a decade, because it provide the quality and efficient services for the customers.


" WONDERVIEW " is the brand of south asia outbound tour of our company, We always focus on South Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries line for wholesale, business tour and high-end custom tourism business. Efforts to meet customers' different needs, not only develop a regular travel distribution products, we also undertake all kinds of public business travel South Asia team of sending invitation letter, arranging business activities, visa application, ticket booking, hotel booking, business investigation, large-scale exhibition, vehicle transportation, insurance, etc series of services; More committed to a variety of the depth of the south Asian tourism product development, exit, such as the depth of the Indian culture, the Ganges Buddha pilgrimage footprint, India color photography, India yoga, roundabout honeymoon in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka buddhist monuments culture, Family trip in Sri Lanka, Nepal snow mountain hiking, Bhutan wonderland tour different themes, such as travel, and to provide more intimate and personalized services to high-end and circuit design, meet the demand of the customer diversification;


"let's go south asia"have a good relations of cooperation with India, Nepal, Sri Lanka n also other country Embassies and consulates, also the China southern airlines, India's jet airways, sri lankan airlines, cathay Pacific in Hong Kong, Nepal airlines south main airlines such as core partners, on the group ticket,we has been in a leading position, and repeatedly won the "best partner" award issued by the airline company; Many fatal travel service agency, and South Asia hotels maintained a core cooperation partnership; we have steady control For vehicles, tour guides, hotels and other tourism elements; At the same time with the most powerful local to access the established a long-term cooperative partnership, through bulk purchase or direct purchase, ensure that our cost advantage, is also to ensure that the product itself in the attraction and competitiveness on the market;


We have a professional and dedicated sales and operation team, also have accumulated the rich deep sales and operation experience, well trained, professional dedication, considerate service is our core competitiveness of the team and a reliable guarantee. Always adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, efficient, rigorous" service concept; Let we can hand in hand together, and create a south Asian tourism prosperity!


2017年四月 我们参加UTE环球旅游春季北京展

2017年四月 我们参加UTE环球旅游春季上海展