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Interwine, short for China (Guangzhou) International Wine & Spirits Exhibition, founded in 2005, will be organized his 20th session in Guangzhou, between 18 -20th  May 2018! 


The France Pavilion will enlarge their booth surface to 540 sq.m, which come from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Sud-Ouest, Languedoc-Roussillon, Vallée du Rhône, Val de Loire, etc., estimate more than sixty wineries will participate in this great event!


What’s more, CCIFC ( The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China ) will continue to participation for this session.Thanks for the great relationship between CCIFC and Interwine China in the past 5 years, more and more french producers and winery owners joined in the fair, and they attracted thousands of importers and distributors who had plan to purchase french wine and spirits during the fair. Therefore, they have established networking and explored effectively the Chinese market through Interwine China. So far, CCIFC already signed an 3-year-term cooperation agreement, with the booths’ location confirmed, estimating 12-20 french producers and companies will join in. 

CCIFC in 19th Interwine Guangzhou

Consul General for France Consulate in Guangzhou: Madame CHHUOR came to visit the 19th Interwine GZ (Right 2nd)


CCIFC Pavillon:

- Groupe TWL

- Aiwines

- Peugeot-Saveur

- Cash Wine Depot

- Granshan

- Bio in Bev


- Dongguan Finewine

- FDS investment & Management


Individuel wineries:

Jean Loron

Dominique Vincent

Apex Cellar Limited


Land of Basarabia

Alliance Bourg

Yingzun Wine Co, Ltd

G. M Winery Group

Wine Excellence






French wine is still the king of all the imported wine in Chinese Market. While France may not be producing and exporting the most wine in the world it is certainly producing the finest as its share of the market value shows.

“2017年法国仍是进口瓶装葡萄酒主要来源国,进口量上涨14%,达到2.18亿公升,但进口额仅上涨8.8%,相当于10亿美元。法国葡萄酒2017年平均进口量为每公升4.82 美元(每瓶3.61美元)。”资料来源:DecanterChina.com

“France remained China’s top source of imported bottled wines in 2017, with imports up by 14% in volume to 218 million litres, although only 8.8% in value, to the equivalent of one billion US dollars.On average, French wines entering China fetched 4.82 USD per litre (3.61 USD per bottle) in 2017.” Source from DecanterChina.com.




China Wine Market has conducted market research and they found that the number of Chinese consumers from the urban upper-middle class drink wine at least twice a year, went from 38 million in 2014 to 48 million in 2016, and it will reach 70-80 million in 2020.

中国人几乎都偏向和红葡萄酒,目前中国成为世界上消费红葡萄酒最重要的市场。自2008年,中国人饮用红葡萄酒的量共增长了136%。中国成为世界葡萄酒市场最重要的国家。因此,Interwine China提供一个潜力无限的平台,帮助您更好地植根于中国市场!如果您对我们展会感兴趣,想加入到法国展团大家庭来,或者希望获取更多信息,请联系我们!

Chinese mostly drink red wine, China is now the world's largest market for red wine. China's consumption of red wine has grown by 136% since 2008. China is the most important potential wine market in the world. So Interwine China can provide the largest platform to let you enter deeply into Chinese Market! If you would like to join us in France Pavilion or want to know more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

Interwine China

Contact person: Laurence ZHENG (ketong3@interwine.org)

Mob: +86 18002228596 

Facebook: Zheng Laurence

CCIFC Canton Office

Contact person: Paul-Francis AMIOT (amiot.paulfrancis@ccifc.org)

Mob: +86 156 0168 6907





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